A major goal of Giblin, Combs, Cunningham & Masone LLC is to improve the quality of healthcare professionals’ lives by guiding them through the maze of healthcare regulatory issues and the hazards of malpractice litigation, while helping them to improve the efficiency and profitability of their professional corporations. Giblin, Combs, Cunningham & Masone LLC, founded in 1981, is one of the very few law firms in the State in which each and every attorney has at least some degree of background in healthcare law and many specialize in it. This enables us to draw from a pool of knowledge and experience equal to, or greater than, most large firms, while avoiding the overhead and excessive fees often associated with such firms.

At Giblin, Combs, Cunningham & Masone LLC we represent clients of varying sizes and needs, but our commitment to personal attention is how we define our firm. We emphasize communication with clients, keeping them informed of recent changes in the law through regular articles distributed to all of our clients at no charge. We also recognize how important it is to answer our clients’ questions or concerns in a timely fashion.

Giblin, Combs, Cunningham & Masone LLC has for many years been a leader in providing the healthcare profession with the highest quality legal services. Giblin, Combs, Cunningham & Masone LLC is proud to offer comprehensive counseling and representation in all areas of healthcare law. Our firm possesses intimate knowledge of the particular legal needs and concerns of the healthcare profession.

Legal challenges to healthcare providers requires highly specialized legal services which are not readily found in many general practice law firms. The law firm of Giblin, Combs, Cunningham & Masone LLC is uniquely qualified to handle today’s complex health law issues.